Dr. V.K Jain


Life has many pathways to tread but none better than what this hidden Dr. V.K Jain has.
He is a well-known in the academic fields but none the less in the spiritual world too.
He has some favourite hobbies too: .

  • Writing and reading books
  • Follows Swami Vivekananda 's path trying to go deeper into the religious realm.
  • Likes travelling far and wide, observing the beauties of nature.
  • Spends his early hours in yoga and spiritual activities.
  • Wants the youth of today to be more sincere, hardworking and honest in their day to day life.

Such is the versatile personality always pursuing and achieving the truth of life unseen.

About Family

Dr V K Jain personal life reflects his beliefs. He lives by simple joys and has a deep faith in god. He strikes a beautiful balance between work and family. In his journey he has always been well supported by his wife
Mrs Shashi Jain who is a Hindi professor. Mrs Jain also practices the science of Astrology and Vastushashtra. She is a doctorate in Naturopathy and an inspiring poetess. She is also socially inclined and works towards the upliftment of women especially in the rural areas through Jain Sakhi Mandal Nagpur.

Their children –Pallavi, Amrita and Vasukarna are all in various stages of life, pursuing their own goals and following their passion. Pallavi is an expert in corporate laws and as a Company Secretary has practiced under Professor Jain himself. She has a dynamic personality and intellect. After finishing her MS in Finance from De Paul University in Chicago she is now pursuing the CFA charter and is working as an analyst at Abbot Laboratory, Chicago. Amrita , a writer by choice and journalist by profession has worked with The Indian Express. She is an avid street photographer and a voracious reader. Vasukarna , the youngest in the family, is the centre of all activities. He is pursuing a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from RKNEC, Nagpur University. He is deeply rooted in understanding philosophy and has read about a range of people – from Osho to Vivekananda. In his free time he loves to pursue soccer.